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Collecting Tips

Giving our homes a unique personality is very important to most of us. We care about the 'first impression' we make when friends and associates come to visit. Decorating with original art makes an instant statement. Original art used to only be available to the wealthy but there are one-of-a-kind works to fit every budget and lifestyle.

Visiting Just Lookin's and other original art websites is a great way to develop your "eye." Experience art whenever and wherever you can. Go to galleries, museums and art shows.

Want to Start Collecting Art ? Think you can't afford original African-American art? Think again. How much did you spend on your last limited edition print? A hundred and fifty dollars? Two hundred for a print that is an edition of 2000? And then you spent another $200 - $300 for the framing. For under $1000 you can own small original drawings and paintings from a wide variety of artists. While pieces by deceased masters can easily cost $20,000 and up, most contemporary masters have small affordable pieces

Learn the "language" of art.

Buying Fine Art ­ Where Do I Look?

Look everywhere! In museums, at galleries, at private dealers, at auctions, and at art and antique shows. Buy art books and magazines, and begin the process of educating your eye and defining your tastes. Zero in on the things that give you that extra little "tingle" when you see them. You will get to a point in your education where you'll know if a work is right for you almost instantly. Are you eclectic, casting your net over a wide range of periods and styles? Or are you tightly focused, delving deeply into one of the multitude of "micro"markets which make up the art market as a whole. There is no right or wrong, and expect your tastes and eye to evolve over time. It is this process of evolution which attracts and hooks all of us who share an interest in this exciting field.

Art is an intensely personal experience. Buy art that you love. If a piece of art truly grabs your attention, it will continue to enrich your life forever.

Establish a relationship with a few galleries. Ask lots of questions.

Buy what you can afford. Most galleries have payment plans available.